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It’s that time of the year again: Pocket Gamer Connects returns to Helsinki! If you work on mobile games, this is THE place to be: whether you want to stay on top of the latest trends and technology, meet investors and grow your professional network, or pitch your game – PGC has it all. Industry veterans will be sharing their knowledge and experiences on several aspects of mobile gaming, while the hottest indie devs get a chance to showcase their games at I Love Indie Showcase and The Very Big Indie Pitch, a pitching competition with awesome prizes and an excellent opportunity for exposure.

As if all this wasn’t reason enough to join the conference there is also going to be an epic Pocket Gamer Party you don’t want to miss.

IGDA Finland wants everyone to have a chance to take part in this event, no matter your location, and to make everything more accessible and convenient for our friends outside the Helsinki area we are organizing bus rides from hubs all around the country. The buses, provided by Pocket Gamer, are completely free of charge!

You can register to a bus near you on the EventBrite page we’ve set up for your convenience. Deadline for registration is on Friday, August 28 at 18:00.

The buses will take you to the conference on Monday and leave back on Tuesday – you can choose whether you want to stay overnight or only Monday. (Note: You need to find your own accommodations for the night!)

Don’t have a conference pass yet? IGDA members will get 40% off by using the discount code PG_IGDAFIN. Register here:

Developers who enter and are shortlisted for The Very Big Indie Pitch will get free tickets. Register here:

There are 20 free student tickets available for each hub. You can apply for a free ticket here:

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IGDA Finland is run completely on volunteer basis, by people who commit their time and skills for the good of the game developer community in Finland. The organization consists of three groups: the board handles all the official functions and obligatory paper shuffling like legalities and finances; the coordinators act as the engineers of all operations, planning events and making sure everything runs smoothly; and the volunteers, who support the coordinators in various roles.

We find ourselves in a dire need for more volunteers to fill a variety of roles in the Helsinki area:

Do you have a knack for writing? Social media? Photography? Graphic design? Join the newly founded Media Team.

Are you a master of all things tech? Whether you know your way around all sorts of devices or you write beautiful code, we want you.

Even if you feel like you don’t have any special skills, don’t be shy about contacting us – we need all hands on deck to keep this ship sailing smoothly.

Perks of the job include exclusive studio visits and the chance to meet all the cool people in the industry – not to mention the warm and fuzzy feeling inside you when you get to make the world a better place.

To join in on the fun simply drop an email to our Co-Volunteer Coordinator, Jori Hellstedt and tell us a bit about who you are, what you do and if there’s anything specific you can and/or want to do for us.

(Not from the Helsinki area? See if there’s a hub near you that could use your help!

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What a night! We broke a visitor count record by reaching 556 sign-ins during the evening – and judging by the smiling faces in the crowd, people had a great time too. The weather was definitely appropriate for the occasion as well: a beautiful summery sunset was more than we could hope for in August.

Thank you Supercell for sponsoring and helping us make this event happen!


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Photos by Janne Karvinen.

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By tradition, IGDA Finland Hubs gather once a year to plan out the next season in Joensuu’s Illusion game industry event. The usual challenges the IGDA Finland volunteers thrive to utilize is the continuing rise of the industry and the individuals with it.


Processing the challenges and opportunities

Staying true to IGDA Finland’s mission to promote and develop the recognition of the game developer community, volunteers around Finland do their best to make it happen. There are now over 40 IGDA Finland gatherings yearly in the whole country.


IGDA Finland hub coordinators @ Joensuu from left to right: Minna Eloranta (Helsinki), Jonne Harja (Jyväskylä), Jaakko Talvitie (Tampere), Hanna Rauma (Oulu), Elina Koskinen (Tampere), Anna Salomaa (Oulu), Vesa Raudasoja (Helsinki), Tatu Laine (Turku), Nanne Leskinen (Kajaani), Christopher Hamilton (Helsinki) and Tuomas Roininen (Jyväskylä)

IGDA Finland hub coordinators are a big bunch already. With 8 hubs volunteering around Finland, the reach is very good. We’re looking forward to the next season and the exciting events it will entail!

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Greetings, developers! Finnish weather has been more about cold rain than hot beaches this year – lucky us for being gamers, knowing what to do when venturing into the outside world is not an option.

As hinted earlier when we announced the fall season gathering dates, we have a special surprise today: IGDA Finland has teamed up with Supercell to bring you THE summer party of the year! We all know it: winter is coming. You wouldn’t want to face it unprepared, so join us as we enjoy the last stretch of summer and make some more warm memories to get us through the long and cold darkness ahead of us. See you in August!

IGDA Finland Summer Party with Supercell
Time: 18.08.2015 at 19:00
Place: Maxine, Urho Kekkosen katu 1 A, 6th floor, 00100 Helsinki

Please note that you need to be at least 18 years old to attend.

What is IGDA Finland?

IGDA Finland promotes the development of careers and professional skills of individual game developers based in Finland, and develops further the international recognition of the Finnish game developer community.

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