Sunday, Apr 13, 2014 Niina Pesonen ,

What a gathering! Judging by the queue outside Adams Club it could’ve been a rockstar in town – but as we all know, there was something way better: RedLynx was in the house to show their new Trials Fusion, and they did it with style. Seems like the audience liked what they saw and experienced, as the demo stations were fully occupied through most of the evening.

The queue was still there around 8 PM so you can probably imagine the place was extremely packed. Visitor count also reached a new record, so well done RedLynx and thanks for everyone who came by!

Tuesday, Apr 1, 2014 Niina Pesonen ,

Another month, another gathering! Trust me, this is no April Fools joke: you don’t want to miss this one. During the IGDA gathering on April 8th, RedLynx will showcase its upcoming game Trials Fusion, set to release on April 16th. IGDA members and guests will have a chance to hear from some of the key personnel behind the game’s ambitious design and technical artistry before having a chance to play the game before release!

RedLynx, a Ubisoft® Studio, is a multiplatform game developer and publisher based in Helsinki, Finland, with approximately a 100 employees and sales of more than 4 million game units across multiple platforms since 2009.

Since its founding in 2000 they have developed and published more than 100 games on many platforms including Xbox LIVE Arcade, Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, Apple iPhone, Apple Macintosh, PC, web, and mobile phones. RedLynx is mostly known about its best-selling and highly-acclaimed Trials franchise.

More information about RedLynx can be found at and

Fun, games, drinks… what are you waiting for, just mark it on your calendars already!

IGDA Finland April Gathering
Time: 08.04.2014 at 19:00
Place: Club Adams, Erottaja 15-17, Helsinki Finland

As usual, the cloakroom service is offered free of charge on behalf of Club Adams.

Monday, Mar 17, 2014 Jonna Rantanen , , , , ,

One month gone by and we had again a cool and exciting night at Club Adams. The March Gathering of IGDA Finland was a success, a big thank you to our sponsors Lexia and PlayRaven! This time we had not one or two, but three amazing speakers from game industry: Applift, DeNA and Level3.

Applift is a mobile games marketing platform developer, and their presentation was about monetization through native ad-units.

DeNA is a mobile services developer and operator and they talked about mobile game design for Asian users. They compared the differences between China, Japan and Korea, i.e. what kind of games people are playing.

Level3 is one of the world’s’ six Tier 1 operators, and they talked about showcasing early doors co-operation of studios and Internet providers for online gaming business.

After the super interesting presentations the sponsors had their time on stage as well. Lexia Attorneys presented the company’s high professional insight of legal sides of financing, with a smart attitude.

The CEO Lasse Seppänen from PlayRaven asked “Do you want to talk about art?” and the audience answered with cheering yes. Seppänen presented the company’s design philosophy and a world premiere sneak peek to the art of their soon-to-be-published game Spymaster. Seppänen also had the current version of the game with him and the most eager ones were able to test it out. And there was a queue.

What a great night! Big thank you to everyone, and see you next month! Stay tuned!

Tuesday, Mar 11, 2014 Niina Pesonen , , , ,

The February gathering of IGDA Finland was teeming with eager guests as Amazon Web Services held a presentation about their latest game development tools and there was also a message from the Finnish Game Jam 2014 that attracted over 700 jammers all around Finland, the biggest FGJ to date! 

One of the main events of the evening though was Viope’s announcement of the Game Development World Championship 2013 winners. The competition attracted developers from 79 countries as participants competed in the Student or the Pro track. Congratulations to Hopping Penguin (Winner of the student track) and Like a Boss (Winner of the pro track and the main prize)! Check out the GDWC website to see all of the finalists and a video of the closing event:

Despite the rain and the cold weather Adams was jam-packed by the end of the evening. Thank you to all who attended and we hope to see you at today’s gathering!

It’s almost time for the March Gathering! This month we’ll have three awesome speakers for you in IGDA Finland Presentations. These guests of honor represent the mobile games marketing platform developer Applift, mobile services developer and operator DeNA and one of the world’s six Tier 1 Internet operators, Level3. More details about each of their topics will be announced later this week on Facebook and in the reminder email. The presentations start at 17:00.

As always, we also have sponsors who make sure everyone can enjoy the gathering to the fullest! This month our fun time is boosted by one of our rising startup stars, PlayRaven, and the legal superheroes at Lexia. They’ll have some words to share with us around 20:00 so keep your eyes fixed on the stage at that point.

PlayRaven is a Helsinki-based mobile game studio on a mission to serve uncontested gaming audiences in app stores worldwide. PlayRaven has just completed a $2.3 million seed investment round and is backed by Creandum as well as early-stage Supercell investors Jari Ovaskainen and London Venture Partners.

Lexia has advised several Finnish games developers on significant investment rounds, including the $2.3 million seed funding round of PlayRaven. Lexia offers its clients a business minded approach and attitude that brings competitive edge.

For Lexia legal is not just about avoiding problems – it is also adding value by ensuring business goals are met efficiently.

About Lexia:

Lexia Attorneys is a Finnish law firm offering high-quality expertise in all areas of domestic and international business law. Lexia is internationally recognized as one of the leading Finnish law firms in the field of Technology & Media, Intellectual Property, and Finance. Lexia’s international networks enable effective and reliable execution of assignments worldwide.

Lexia also provides the Lexia Growth Program (LGP) for supporting new potential growth companies. LGP includes different elements that are coordinated by Lexia and provided by us or by our exclusive partner network for fixed and project based fees.

IGDA Finland Presentations
Time: 11.03.2014 at 17:00-19:00
Place: Club Adams, Erottaja 15-17, Helsinki Finland

IGDA Finland March Gathering
Time: 11.03.2014 at 19:00
Place: Club Adams, Erottaja 15-17, Helsinki Finland

 The lovely people of Club Adams offer the cloakroom service free of charge!