Friday, Dec 19, 2014 Tuuli Peltonen

“Deck the hall with boughs of holly, Fa la la la la la la la la…”

After the huge success of the IGDA Slush event it was time for the last IGDA Finland Gathering of the year. In November our usual hangout Bar & Club Adams had been through a face lift and the venue was upgraded into a Mexican style bar called El Jefe so our guests got to party in style. Our wonderful sponsor Supercell spread some Christmas cheer by giving out Christmas hats and drink tickets to everyone.



The Finnish games industry is growing and we have massive amounts of talent that makes us so awesome. Thank you to all of you who have made this year so special!

“Merry Christmas to all

Let’s raise our cups

Here’s to no more Game overs 

and endless 1-ups”

The next IGDA Finland Gathering is on Tuesday January 13th 2015. Come and welcome in the new year, IGDA style! ;)

Wednesday, Dec 3, 2014 Niina Pesonen , , ,

It’s that time of the year again, folks! The December Gathering wraps up the year with another pre-Christmas party sponsored by the always awesome Supercell! This will be an event you don’t want to miss, so come and join us as we bid 2014 farewell with style. The event will take place on December 9, 2014.

We also have good news regarding Adams Club: the renovations at our venue are now finished, and due to the transformation they are now called El Jefe. Drop by and you’ll see why!

IGDA Finland December Gathering
Time: 09.12.2014 at 19:00
Place: El Jefe, Erottaja 15-17, Helsinki Finland

As usual, the cloakroom service is offered free of charge on behalf of El Jefe. The event is limited to adults only.

Saturday, Nov 22, 2014 Jonna Rantanen , ,


In November we had the biggest IGDA event ever in Helsinki when IGDA Finland and Slush combined their event organization powers. This time the event sponsor was a well-known publisher company Tencent all the way from China.

Tencent gave a short presentation on stage to introduce their company and to show some of the most recent information about the game market in China and their share in it.

IGDA Finland’s chairman Jyri Partanen gave a short speech as well and announced a Lifetime Achievement Award for Sonja Ängeslevä for her amazing work for IGDA Finland since 2007.

There was a dedicated area for demos upstairs where developers were able to show their most recent game projects to many enthusiastic testers.

Later in the evening there was live music. First Pasi “The Epic Sax Guy” Ketola performed on stage as well as on the dance floor. Later the event participants were able to enjoy biomechanic pop music by Unzyme.

As usual, the evening continued with mingling, snacks and drinks. Thank you Slush and Tencent for partnering with us to make this awesome night happen!

Monday, Nov 3, 2014 Niina Pesonen


Slush and IGDA have partnered with Tencent to present the biggest IGDA Finland evening yet
The monthly IGDA evening will take place on November 17th – one day before the Slush main event starts. We are expecting over 1.000 developers, gaming enthusiasts and media representatives from the Nordic countries and beyond.

Our venue for the night is Circus, Salomonkatu 1-3, Narinkkatori, 00100 Helsinki.


Tencent is sponsoring the event, and thus we’ll make sure that you stay happy with some snacks and drinks for the duration of the night! The preliminary agenda is as follows:

6:00PM Doors open
7:00PM IGDA Welcoming speech
7:10PM Tencent sponsorship speech
8:00PM Networking party
9:00PM Live gaming music
10:00PM Networking party

Please sign yourself and your teammates up for the event at:

We’ll of course try to get everyone in but every venue has its limits!

See you on November 17th!

On behalf of the whole crew,

Riku Mäkelä
The Slush Team

Jyri Partanen
Chairman of the Board
IGDA Finland

Dan Brody
VP of Business Development

Please note! Due to the renovation of Adams Club, there won’t be another IGDA gathering this month.

Lasse Seppänen, CEO of PlayRaven, started the night by explaining to us why strategy matters. Going into game design is a serious business. Saying we “just want to make games” is like saying “I just want to drive a car”: it’s vague and directionless.  Lasse’s piece of advice is to work out the details and have people who can actually handle managing all these decisions:  It’s not enough to just make games without this foresight.

The Game Executive programme at Aalto University: an intensive three-part “bootcamp” for game developers that combines insight on such topics like Financial Planning, Free-to-play, Asian markets, Branding, and Pitching.  During the evening, Saila Laitinen, Co-founder of Sfonge Ltd gave us a breakdown on the facts about China as a mobile market:  China has had the largest number of active smartphones in any country since 2013.  China’s mobile game market is expected to maintain growth over the next three years, while the global game market growth drops slightly.  But what Laitinen warns us about is that the Chinese market is much different.  Here, there are four times more Android devices than iOS users, and double the revenue.   The channels for distributing Android games is fragmented between many different providers, including China Telecom’s own channel,, and almost a third of iOS players derive games from third party platforms instead of the official AppStore.  Because of expensive mobile data tariffs and bandwidth limits, and the popularity of low to middle end devices, games developed for the Chinese market need to take this limitations into account to deliver the smoothest game experience possible.


To conclude the talks for the night, Anca Agapi, program manager for Aalto University Executive Education gave a run through of the full programme and prices of the education program, open to all game developers, which is starting on October 29th 2014.  Afterwards, the participants enjoyed mingling and sponsored drinks courtesy of PlayRaven.


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