Sunday, Apr 27, 2008 Teemu Haila

Yes, folks, it’s true. I have personally failed at life and general perception. Due to X and Y, many people got false invitations about the last meeting before the correct new one. I’m terribly sorry for any confusion.

As always, all feedback can be filed to webmaster at under the topic “WTF IS THIS CRAP I’M GETTING?!”.

Saturday, Apr 19, 2008 Teemu Haila

Hey All!

The results for the survey on System Rock  are finally in.    First of all, I wanted to say thank you to all the people who took the time to give feedback.  Your views are very important to us and we definitely appreciate you taking the time to fill out the survey!

System Rock appears to still be the preferred venue primarily because of its excellent location.    Many also felt that the size, the fact that it is private, and the bar selection are quite good.

There were a few repeated concerns raised about System Rock such as the noise/music volume and chair availability that we hope to remedy in the near future.

We are also keeping an open mind to the possibility of a new venue. There were some really great suggestions for things to look for in a new venue such as: more comfortability, a terrace for the summer, more tables and the possibility of ordering food. If you have any further suggestions for a venue please feel free to write me at: liz.lehtonen (at)

Thank you,

Elizabeth Lehtonen

Tuesday, Apr 15, 2008 Joona


The third IGDA Finland Presentations session was held on 8th of April at Papa Giovanni Showroom. This time the theme was education covering everything from most interesting research findings to current state of games’ education and recruitment: how to boost up collaboration between companies and school which would benefit both.

The night was kicked off by Koopee “Neogames” Hiltunen who gave a briefing of a survey on game education (Pelialan koulutusselvitys) which will be published on 24th April by Neogames. One challenge for the growth of the game industry will be the lack of skilled work force. Neogames survey will suggest actions to enable the growth of the industry.

Continue reading ‘April Gathering – where to find talented game gurus?’

Saturday, Apr 12, 2008 Teemu Haila

Just a heads-up. If everything went well, this note will be gone by tomorrow. We are sorry if this messes up with someone’s IGDA Finland experience, but saturday evening is the best time to upgrade for us.

Done and done. Nothing to see, move along.

Saturday, Apr 12, 2008 Teemu Haila

Take one part of AJAX, three parts of JavaScript, some PHP, mix with MySQL and Photoshop the results: Attendance History launched!

Currently this graphical explosion is on it’s final beta stages and for now only supports “Netscape” type browsers, mainly excluding Internet Exploder and Opera, whose proprietary rendering engines can’t take valid code. Sheesh. If you are the lycky user of one of these browsers, get Firefox.

That said, please direct your optical attention to the top right portion of this site and use your cursor to interact with the past. We are very proud of our active chapter meetings and wanted to broadcast this more publicly. This presentation was brought to you by the following Score members: Niko Kosonen (ajax, php) and me (design, php).

Got feedback?  We need it! Webmaster (at) igda (dot) fi.

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